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Thursday, July 17, 2008


Every time the moon races the sky,
We think of things worldwide.
We think of things we cannot hide,
Of emotions, trapped deep inside.
With tears in our eyes and fear
In our hearts,we think of the end,
Where it starts.We think about all things,
Discrimination, occurring from nation to nation
When dark clouds bring in the rain,
Still harsh air brings back the pain.
Through all the tears we've cried,
God has promised to stand by our side.


an!s ar!ff fufufufufufu said...

suka at! je ek??
n! nk ded!cated kt ak ek???

suria said...

ola???salam my frenz...noting to say but if you want to share something that interesting just add me at my website....okeh;-D

suria_sue_sun_sunshine.... said...

weh very cute....how do you do that???teach me??...

kamaluddin_sarif said...

i have feed your hamster...
what is her name?
can i get my own pet?
i love snake :)

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